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Customer Testimonials

- Thank you for changing my life! Two and a half years ago, I was struck from behind by an automobile. For one and a half years, I was in agonizing pain. I went to several therapists, doctors, etc. and found little relief.

  I was a bit skeptical when my massage terapist invited me to a meeting about the Takionic Products. However, I became really excited, especially after I wore the Takionic Sports Jacket, and within a few seconds my pain was completely gone. (T. Miller. Ohio)

- When I was 14 years old, I was diagnosed as having multiple sclerosis. Then, when I was 29, I suffered a serious automobile accident wherein I underwent a serious injury to my leg. Takionic Products have helped increase the srength in my injured leg, and mycoordination. The Takionic Headband also removed pain in my head. I feel the Takionic Products were highly beneficial to my health. Thank you! (Susan, California)

- Takionic Products have improved hte entire quality of this active 83 years old; I walk faster, my skin looks and feels younger; the best Product I have ever seen! (Mr. Friedman)

- I am in the midst of recovering from a severe depression where I lay in bed unable to do anything for about six months. While watching TV I heard about your Products. After reading literature I though, "I have nothing to lose" even if this doesn't work so I took a chance. Well, I just received my Takionic Headband and was amazed at how I felt after putting the Headband on. I instantly started to feel the wonderful Tachyon Energy flowing in my system. I went to the gym and I was able to do a longer workout even though I am just starting to exercise again. Well, I am starting off slowly and will get the Wristbands and then the Beads, etc. (S. Shaw, California)

Here are only a few examples of testimonials, and we look forward to hearing from you the same.